Castrocontrigo. Town treatment plant (León)

Castrocontrigo. Town treatment plant (León)

Study of the issue of wastewater discharges in the town of Castrocontrigo and development of a technical proposal for the most appropriate solution for the treatment of wastewater generated in the centers of Morla de la Valdería, Torneros de la Valdería, Castrocontrigo, Nogarejas, Pinilla de la Valdería and Pobladura de Yuso.

Client: Junta de Castilla y León

Award date: May 2016

Tender base budget: € 1,086,648.92

Junta de Castilla y León

Memoria Descriptiva de los Trabajos

In the towns of Morla de la Valdería, Pinilla de la Valdería and Pobladura de Yuso, the installation of a pre-treatment stage in the existing septic tank is planned, which will begin with a sand removal equipment from which the sand will be extracted periodically by hand. A spillway is attached to the sand removal equipment, that will allow the discharge of excess flows. Behind the sand removal equipment, a roughing is placed, provided with a coarse screen.

In the case of Torneros de la Valdería, the construction of a WWTP with a treatment system consisting of the following elements is planned:

• Pretreatment consisting of a sand removal unit and a roughing provided with a coarse screen.

• Imhoff type Decanter-Digester with a diameter of 2.5 m and a height of 4.40 m.

• Two biological filters of 2 m in diameter and 1.70 m in height

Finally, in the towns of Castrocontrigo and Nogarejas, the same treatment system is designed, consisting in the following elements:

• Roughing placed in a double channel. A screw screen will be installed in one of the channels, and a coarse screen in the other channel.

• Pumping well in which 3 pumps (2 + 1) will be installed.

• Imhoff Decanter-Digester of 5 m in diameter and 4.98 m in height.

• Bacterial filter of 5m in diameter and 3m in height

• Secondary decanter with a diameter of 5 m and a height of 3.93 m. The sludge purge will be carried out in the central zone of the decanter by means of a conduit that will connect it with the sludge purge chamber executed next to the pumping well. A pump will be installed in this chamber, that will lead to the decanter-digester.

• Sampling chamber, where a system for measuring the flow is placed by means of a tapered chute with a strip.

In addition to the plants, the emissaries, spillways and actions necessary to reduce the infiltration of water in the sewerage network are also designed.