Technical assistance for Los Santos. Emissary and WWTP

Technical assistance for Los Santos. Emissary and WWTP

Client: Junta de Castilla y León

Award Date: 2013

Tender base budget for the work: € 1,607,097.17

Junta de Castilla y León

Memoria Descriptiva de los Trabajos

Construction project for the treatment works in the town of Los Santos, so that it may serve as technical support to carry them out and to obtain the appropriate licenses and authorizations.

The design population is of 2,235 equivalent inhabitants, treating an average flow of 522.25 m3/day.

The treatment system is made up of the following elements:

• Headworks consisting in: spillway/general by-pass chamber, well for the solids, two roughing channels (automatic cleaning screen and manual cleaning grate) and raw water pumping well.

• Compact pretreatment. The equipment performs roughing (screw sieve), gritting (longitudinal type gritting tank) and degreasing (lateral degreaser and parallel to the grit remover with automatic grease separation racket).

• Distribution box

• SBR chamber (ABJ), equipped with aeration system and settling system. Each chamber will be provided with an impeller system for sludge extraction, depositing it in the thickeners and consisting in two pumps (1 + 1)

• Presentation source.

In addition, Indepro also carries out duties of Construction Management, verifying the correct execution of the work, complying with the conditions defined in the project as well as in the technical specifications.