Technical Assistance for Los Santos Emissary and WWTP

Technical Assistance for Los Santos Emissary and WWTP

Indepro will provide services of Technical Assistance, inspecting the correct execution of the work, complying with the conditions defined in the project as well as in the technical specifications. In addition, Indepro will be in charge with Health and Safety Coordination as well.


Client: Junta de Castilla y León.


Award Date: May 2018

Junta de Castilla y León

Objeto del Contrato

Plant characteristics

The treatment system to be executed in each of the plants is made up of the following elements:

External works of the WWTP

• Electric line installation

• The splitting of the headworks manifold (Ø400 mm) to WWTP

• Execution of the spillway

Outdoor installations

• General earthworks

• Construction of headworks 

• Compact Pretreatment

• Distribution manhole 

• SBR chambers (ABJ)

• Treated water measuring chamber

• Spill Control Manhole

• Thickener

• Dehydrated Sludge Hopper

• Control and dehydration building

• Pipeline network

• Mechanical equipment

• Electric equipment

• Urbanization and gardening

• Completions and finishes

• Commissioning and functional tests