minimum MATERIAL

minimum MATERIAL

Initiative for the Development of the Sustainable City of the Future

The world is advancing towards more sustainable city patterns. In the next 30 years, the technologies necessary to create the cities of the future will be be developed.

The minimum MATERIAL project is a private initiative launched by a group of businessmen and entrepreneurs whose purpose is to promote in the Avila region the creation of an industry of products and services of high technological value that could satisfy the needs of a more sustainable future lifestyle, around 4 areas of activity: water, energy, waste and transport.


Our purpose is not to cover the entire project individually, but to:

  • Develop some of these ideas and materialize them within our current companies or through new startups created ad hoc.
  • Start creating the minimum MATERIAL research foundation, which in the future could count on the participation of the Administration in order to become a Technology Center for the development of sustainable technologies.
  • Create the framework for other entrepreneurs to join the project, relying on minimum MATERIAL and creating their own companies to give more consistency to the initiative. 

If you are interested in our project and you have the spirit of an entrepreneur, or you already have your own company and want to give it a new boost, get in touch with us and we will share some of the proposals with you.