Restoration works for the Zapardiel River

Restoration works for the Zapardiel River

Studies for the Restoration Works of the Zapardiel River. LIFE16 IPE/ES/019 Integrated Project

Client: Audeca S.A.

End Customer: Duero Hydrographic Confederation (Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge)

Budject of the Contract: € 2,317,337.42

INDEPRO Engineering Consultants is carrying out the necessary studies for the fluvial restoration of the Zapardiel River. The main objective of the planned actions is to return the river to its original ecological state. In addition, this objective must be compatible with the current use of the river banks, by means of agriculture and infrastructures.

Description of the Works:

Considering the objectives of the project, the following strategies for action have been proposed:

  • Improvement of the side connectivity of the watercourse with the alluvial plain, through the removal of the obstacles that enclose the watercourse (mounts and defense constructions).
  • Improvements to the longitudinal continuity of the river system, through the elimination of existing obstructions (masonry works), the recovery of old watercourses as flood channels and the cleaning and restoration of riparian vegetation.
  • Restoration of the right-of-way bonded zone by means of an access road and a band of trees on the exterior boundary.

The following work will be carried out subsequently:

  • Creation of a Digital Elevation Model that will serve as support for the rest of the work.
  • Review and evaluation of a hydro-hydraulic strategy for the restoration of the area.
  • Localization of old watercourses that have been disconnected from the fluvial system.
  • Identification of the volume of water flow for the different return periods.
  • Analysis of the dynamics of the river and evaluation of the different alternatives for the execution of the restoration actions.