Studies for the restoration works of the Zapardiel River

Studies for the restoration works of the Zapardiel River

Studies for the restoration works of the Zapardiel River. Integrated Project LIFE16 IPE/ES/019

INDEPRO Consultores de Ingeniería carries out the necessary studies for Zapardiel river restoration. The main objective of the proposed actions is to return the river to its good ecological state. Moreover, this objective must be compatible with the current use of the borders, through crops and agriculture and infrastructures.

Client: Audeca S.A.

End client: Duero Hydrographic Confederation (Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge)

Project budget: € 2,317,337.42

Object of Contract

Taking into account the objectives of the project, the following lines of action have been proposed:

  • Improve the sideways connection of the riverbed with the alluvial plain, by removing the obstacles that limit the riverbed (grits and flood defense works).
  • Improve the longitudinal continuity of the river system, by eliminating the existing obstacles (manufactured works), recover the former branches as escape channels and clean and restore the riverside vegetation.
  • Recover the passage easement area through the access road and the tree line on the outer edge.

Starting from here, the following works will be carried out:

  • Prepare a MDT that serves as support for the rest of the work.
  • Review and analyze a hydro-hydraulic solution for the recovery of the area.
  • Locate the former branches of the river that have been disconnected from the river dynamics.
  • Determine the flow value for the different return periods.
  • Analyze the dynamics of the river and study the different alternatives for the execution of restoration actions