Research and Development

At INDEPRO Consultores de Ingeniería, we are committed to Research and Development through applied research and through the development of technological innovation, therefore, we have the Certificate: R+D+i Management Systems UNE 166002:2021.

To achieve these objectives, at INDEPRO we try to analyze the issues that we consider essential in our environment, focusing on two main lines: water engineering and climate changes. Within these fields, there are many opportunities and aspects that can be improved, which can be settled through the development of R + D + i projects or the design of tools that would improve the production and analysis processes.

Climate changes, combined with economic growth and major demographic changes, makes the sustainable development of our water resources a challenge.

Research areas

Sustainability is a relative concept that must be applied in an environment which experiences multiple changes, changes that occur at different time and space scales. We depend on our water resource systems for our survival and well-being. Yet no one expects them to re-establish themselves or to go on unaltered in the face of the growing pressures that weaken streams, rivers, lakes, and aquifers. An ongoing task of water resource planners and managers is to identify the multiple impacts and to propose solutions. This task must involve professionals from other disciplines in a much broader context than that of water management. Once these impacts are identified, it is then up to the political process to make decisions when they are in conflict. All of us must be part of this decision-making process.

R+D+i Projects

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If you are interested in any of our projects and you have the soul of an entrepreneur, or you already own your own company and want to give it a new boost, contact us and we will share some of the proposals with you.