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We are an engineering company that develops its activity in carrying out projects and studies of hydraulic engineering, civil works and the environment, construction management and technical assistance, coordination in Health and Safety matters, as well as the preparation of Tenders and Alternative Projects for construction companies. Our main objective is to provide solutions, depending on the needs that arise, advising the client at all times.

Our way of working is based on three pillars:

Immediate response capacity when developing any project using all kinds of materials.

Use of advanced software for the calculation of structures and infrastructures.

Demanding in terms of delivery and execution.
We adapt the architectural and structural design to the activity to be developed.

Optimized structural calculation to reduce the costs of the structural system as much as possible.

Great experience and knowledge of the different materials available on the market, as well as their uses and incompatibilities.
Comprehensive control in the execution of all work units, so that the conditions established in the project are satisfied.

Project design that allows the best adaptability to the execution.

Flexibility when making modifications or solving unforeseen events.

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We present our latest projects carried out in the different areas

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Flood risk management
Hydrological and hydraulic studies
Processing of European projects
Sanitation and purification
Security and health
  • Rural Boost
    Award date: April 2023
  • Confederación Hidrográfica del Duero.
    Technical services for Hydrology and Urban Planning
    Award date: October 2021
  • Restoration works for the Zapardiel River
    Award date: n/a
  • Restoration Works for the Trabancos River
    Award date: n/a
  • Actualización del modelo HEC-HMS Mapa
    HEC-HMS Model Upgrade
    Award date: n/a
  • Mapa Nava de Arévalo
    Outlet pipe construction and Wastewater Treatment Plant in Nava de Arévalo (Ávila)
    Award date: 2021
  • Outlet pipe construction and Wastewater Treatment Plant in Los Santos (Salamanca)
    Award date: 2018
  • Outlet pipe construction and Wastewater Treatment Plant in Langa (Ávila)
    Award date: 2021
  • Technical Assistance in dam demolition in Cenicientos (Madrid)
    Award date: November 2020
  • Cuenca Hidrográfica del Miño-Sil
    Flood Risk Management Plan for the Miño-Sil River
    Award date: July 2020
  • Desmantling of the Alberca dam in Cenicientos (Madrid)
    Award date: July 2020
  • Restoration Works for Trabancos River
    Award date: May 2019

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