Restoration Works for the Trabancos River

Restoration Works for the Trabancos River

Studies for the Restoration Works of the Trabancos River. LIFE16 IPE/ES/019 Integrated Project

INDEPRO Engineering Consultants is executing the necessary studies for the fluvial restoration of the Trabancos River, with the objective of improving the conditions of the surface water mass. The objective is to recover the natural ecosystem of the spanish castilian cereal plain.

 This river suffers many problems, among them, the reduction of river areas and the loss of quality of the vegetation zone, affected by the development of human activities.

Client: Imacal contratas S.L.

End Client: Duero Hydrographic Confederation (Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge)

Budget of the Contract: 1.572.890,33 €

Description of the Works:

The project proposes to carry out a series of actions, through which it is intended that the river can eventually occupy the surrounding land in times of flooding, thereby recovering the natural ecosystem that is characteristic of these plateau rivers, such as the traditional meanders, and laminating flood flows while reducing the damage caused by the floods.

The planned course of actions is as follows:

• Improvement of the side connectivity of the river channel with the alluvial plain, through the removal of the obstacles that enclose the river channel (mounts and defense works).

• Improvement of the longitudinal continuity of the river course, by eliminating obstacles (masonry works), the restoration of old channels as flood paths, and the cleaning and restoration of riparian vegetation.

• Restoration of the right-of-way bonded zone by means of an access road and a strip of trees on the outer boundary.