Updating of the HEC-HMS model

Updating of the HEC-HMS model

Updating of the HEC-HMS model of the duero hydrographic demarcation

INDEPRO Consultores de Ingeniería carries out the update of the HEC-HMS hydrometeorological model of the Duero River Basin Demarcation.

End client: Duero Hydrographic Confederation (Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge)

Object of contract

The main objectives of this update are:

  • Addition of new study sections to the model, to better understand the hydrometeorological conditions of the Duero basin.
  • Updating of precipitation data to date for 2021.

The different phases that the updating of the hydrometeorological model has been divided into are:

  • Study of the basin based on geospatial information.
  • Analysis and updating of precipitation data until 2021.
  • Realization of the hydrometeorological model of the basin, in a natural and altered regime.
  • Obtaining of the maximum flows corresponding to different return periods.