Software to create, run, extract results, analyze and calibrate a hydrometeorological model

The program developed in the Python programming language aims at facilitating the process of creation, execution, extraction of results, analysis and calibration of a hydrometeorological model created using the HEC-HMS software (developed by the Hydrological Engineering Center of the body of engineers of the U.S. Navy).


When generating a HEC-HMS model for a river basin demarcation, the volume of generated data is huge. Manipulating such a large amount of data is tedious, troublesome, and error-prone. Besides, any change that you want to operate in a large number of components of the model, such as updating the precipitation data of the stations or the curve number for calibration, represents an inefficient investment of resources.

The developed software has the following advantages:

  • Generates a complete HEC-HMS model from a geospatial database in seconds.
  • Allows the massive creation of Hydrometeorological models.
  • Improves the adopted solution.
  • Totally eliminates human error.
  • Allows autonomous execution of models through robotic process automation.
  • Allows the automatic drawing of results.
  • Carries out an analysis of the data obtained in the calculation process