Bridge over the Ebro River. Miranda de Ebro (Burgos)

Bridge over the Ebro River. Miranda de Ebro (Burgos)

Technical Assistance for the Project Management and Health & Safety Coordination

Desription of the Work:

The typology of the structure is “hybrid" of considerable length, 630 m and 18 spans. The first 14 spans correspond to a trough-type prefabricated trough-type structure. The next three, spans 15, 16 and 17, are resolved with a multiple mixed box girder of variable depth that crosses the riverbed. Finally, span 18 is again of prefabricated trough-type beams.

Customer: Gestión Urbanística de Castilla y León, S.A.

Allocation Date: April 2008

Termination Date: December 2009

Construction Budget: 7.386.615,83 €

The total width of the deck is 21.50 meters, to accommodate a 13 meter roadway, two 2.50 meter wide sidewalks and a 2.50 meter bike lane, separated from the roadway by a 1 meter bollard and sidewalk.