Construction of Bicycle Lane in Ávila

Construction of Bicycle Lane in Ávila

Construction of bicycle lane. Road CL-505, from Ávila to L.C.A. de Madrid. Station Road - Navas del Marqués. Kilometre points. 34+450 to 36+470

Description of the Work:

Project for the construction of a protected bicycle lane attached to CL-505 road, in addition to a pedestrian area, in the municipality of Las Navas del Marqués (Ávila).

A protected bike lane consists of a cycling lane reserved exclusively for bicycles and physically separated from motorized vehicles. It normally follows the same route as the main road and increases the safety of cyclists rides.

Customer: Junta de Castilla y León

Allocation Date: December 2015

Construction Budget: 258.309,28 €

Along the entire track, which is approximately 2,000 m long, there are three different areas:

  • The first one, next to the existing roadside will be used for the location of signals and defenses. This strip will be 0.5 m wide.
  • The second zone will be used by pedestrians. With a width of 2 m, it will be separated from the bicycle lane by a longitudinal line.
  • The third zone will be occupied by the bicycle lane. It will have a width of 2.5m and will be visually differentiated from the pedestrian zone by the surface finish, which will be executed with a green “Slurry" type pavement. In addition, the separation between the bicycle lane and the pedestrian zone will be delimited by a continuous 10cm wide line.