W.W.T.P. at Piedralaves (Ávila)

W.W.T.P. at Piedralaves (Ávila)

Consultancy and Technical Assistance for Project Management and Health and Safety Coordination

Description of the Works:

The construction of a treatment plant with a biological process of activated sludge in prolonged aeration has been carried out.

Several outlet pipes have also been built in different areas of the municipality, as well as a collector to the wastewater treatment plant that receives the different outflows of Piedralaves.

Customer: Junta de Castilla y León. Consejería de Medio Ambiente

Allocation Date: 2005

Bidding amount with VAT:  4.346.640,90 €

Junta de Castilla y León

The daily purification volume obtained is 1,985.04 m3 in summer and 721.83 m3 in winter. The main elements that make up the plant are as follows:

  • Coarse well with a coarse screen of 80 mm of light and a compact roughing screen.
  • Carousel type biological reactor with extended aeration process in two lines.
  • Secondary decanter Ø 17m with radial bridge.
  • Sludge line consisting of thickener followed by centrifugal dewatering and sludge conditioning with polyelectrolyte.