Project for the use of the Cogotas Reservoir (Ávila)

Project for the use of the Cogotas Reservoir (Ávila)

Project for the use of the Cogotas Reservoir to provide water the city of Ávila

Description of the Work:

The works carried will consist in the construction of a floating catchment in the Castro de las Cogotas reservoir, and the installation of a 600 mm diameter ductile iron pipeline with a total length of 6,943 meters, which will allow the water to be collected and pumped to the pumping chamber of the existing intake in the Fuentes Claras reservoir, to be subsequently pumped to the WPP.

Customer: Aguas de las Cuencas de España SA

Allocation Date: April 2016

Construction Budget: 6.570.777,45 €

The inlet will be executed to allow the water to be collected at a minimum level of around 1,020 m.a.s.l., in order to take advantage of the greatest possible reservoir run, since it is planned as a supply that will be mainly used in situations of water shortage in the rest of the aforementioned supply sources.
To achieve this objective it will also be necessary to modify the current installation in Fuentes Claras, since it only allows the use of one pump simultaneously, and therefore it is not possible to reach the demanded flow rates.
The maximum flow that needs to be pumped from both the new floating intake and the pumping station installed at the Fuentes Claras intake is 1,440 m3/h (400 l/s), so both the pumping facilities and the piping are sized for this flow.