Technical Assistance for the development of the LIFE16 IPE/ES/019 Project

Technical Assistance for the development of the LIFE16 IPE/ES/019 Project

Technical Assistance for the development of the Project "Implementation of the Management Plan of the Duero River Basin, in the Central-Southern Part of the Duero River Basin (Life-IP RBMP-Duero)". LIFE16 IPE/ES/019

Description of the Works:

Development of technical and administrative documentation in English language of the project “LIFE-IP RBMP-DUERO, IMPLEMENTION OF THE RIVER DUERO BASIN MANAGEMENT PLAN, IN THE CENTRAL-SOUTH PART OF THE RIVER DUERO BASIN", for the Integrated Projects 2016 LIFE.

In 2015 the Duero Hidrographic Confederation, submitted a proposal for an Integrated Project with the objective of fully development of the Hidraulic Public Domain in the Adaja, Zapardiel and Trabancos river basins, as a pilot experience, being this project an instrument to implement innovative, sustainable, participative solutions, etc. Exportable to the rest of the basin, as advocated by the EU.

Customer: Confederación Hidrográfica del Duero

Alolocation Date: 2016

Construction Budget: 21.057.500,00 € (IVA excluido)

This proposal was not selected among those accepted, so on the opportunity of the new call of the LIFE IPE15 program, the Duero Hidrographic Confederation resubmitted its proposal reducing the area to the basins of the Zapardiel, Trabancos and Arevalillo rivers, and the territory defined by the Medina del Campo groundwater body.

On this specific proposal, in spite of substantially achieving a better overall rating, the proposal was not selected for funding either, mainly due to the existence of another Spanish proposal that was finally selected. However, in their evaluation letter, those responsible highlighted the quality of the proposal presented and encouraged the beneficiaries to present the project for the 2016 call.

For this reason, the project summary was resubmitted for the LIFE16 IPE call, improving those aspects that obtained lower scores in order to develop a proposal finally eligible for funding through the LIFE program.