Update of the ecological status of the Duero rivers

Update of the ecological status of the Duero rivers

Actualization of the Hydromorphological Indexes of the River Surface Water Bodies of the Duero River Basin

Object of the contract:

INDEPRO Engineering Consultants has the objective to technically assist the Water Commission of the Duero Hydrographic Confederation, in the area of Environmental Management and Hydrology, carrying out the following activities:

 Customer: Confederación Hidrográfica del Duero (Ministerio para la transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico).

Allocation Date: October, 2017

Total budget: 117.368,68 €

The project covers the need to review the ecological status of the rivers of the Duero Basin.
The ecological state of a river is characterized by means of a physical-chemical analysis, the study of the living beings that habitate it and the characterization of its hydrology and morphology. The work will enable obtaining indexes that quantify the changes experienced in the water masses. These indicators attempt to assess the magnitude that certain pressures influence the hydrological regimes and morphological conditions of river-type surface water bodies in the Duero Basin.