Extension of E.T.A.P. Avila

Extension of E.T.A.P. Avila

Technical Assistance to the Work Management

Descriptive Report of Works

The works carried out by Indepro during the execution of the works will consist in the control and surveillance of the works, continuously informing the Work Assistance and the Health and Safety coordination of the same.

Works are being carried out to expand production from 540 m3/h to 1,620 m3/h and to obtain high-quality water. For this purpose, the existing elements will be renewed and new ones will be implemented, such as the following:

  • Demolition of a decanter and of the chlorination building.
  • Expansion of the flotation by building a float.

Contract Data

Client: Castilla Ingeniería, S.L.

Amount of the Work: € 4,346,640.90

Award date: November 2005.

Completion date: June 2007.

  • Replacement of a settling unit – clarification and expansion – with a new unit.
  • Construction of 5 new sand filtration units with dimensions equal to the existing ones.
  • Installation of an activated carbon system, following the filtration of flint.
  • New pumping installation with a flow rate of 540 m3/h, to bring the water from the Becerril system (old E.T.A.P.) to the new E.T.A.P. and centralize the treatment.
  • Drainage pumping system, to provide the sewerage trap of the new E.T.A.P., with a flow rate of 600 m3/h.
  • Construction of a new Chlorination Building.