W.P.P. in Becedas (Ávila)

W.P.P. in Becedas (Ávila)

Description of the Work:

The project is located in the municipality of Becedas (Ávila), along the Becedillas river.

The project is divided into the following operations:

  • Decanter construction
  • Construction of the Water Purification Plant (W.P.P.) annexed to the new regulating reservoir

Customer: Junta de Castilla y León. Consejería de Medio Ambiente

Allocation Date: November 2006 / January 2008

Termination Date: October 2009

Construction Budget: 449.982,88 €

Junta de Castilla y León

  • Construction of a new regulating reservoir: A treated water regulating reservoir is defined, with a volume of 375 m3
  • Connection of the new upper tank (D3) with the lower tank (D2) by means of a polyethylene pipe Ø 125mm
  • Installation of an electrical aerial Medium Voltage line