W.P.P. in Cardeñosa (Ávila)

W.P.P. in Cardeñosa (Ávila)

Description of The Work:

As a consequence of the high concentration of nitrate and arsenic obtained in different urban areas of the province of Avila, and the insufficient infrastructures to purificate the contaminated water, it is planned to make a Water Purification Plant that improves the water quality.

Customer: Sociedad Pública de Medio Ambiente de Castilla y León, S.A. (SOMACYL)

Allocation Date: August 2009

Termination Date: June 2012

Construction Budget: 12.331.899,97 €

The main elements of this project are:

  • Water collector in Las Cogotas reservoir in a floating intake with an pumping pipeline of 4014 m long and a diameter of 250 mm. made of cast iron.
  • Water Purification Plant of two treatment lines for a flow of 90 m3/h per line⇒ 2 regulation tanks of 2,000 m3.
  • Distribution pipeline system formed by gravity system made of cast iron, PVC-O and PE pipes in various diameters from 75 to 250 mm. and two pumping systems to reach the towns of Bularros and Tolbaños.