Technical Assistance for the Execution of Works

Descriptive Report of Works

As a consequence of the high concentrations of nitrates and arsenic obtained in different centers of the province of Ávila and the insufficient infrastructures for their purification, a joint supply and a E.T.A.P are designed in order to improve the quality of the water.

Contract Data

Client: Sociedad Publica de Medio Ambiente de Castilla y León, S.A. (SOMACYL).

Amount of the Work: € 12,331,899.97.

Award date: August 2009.

Completion date: June 2012.

The main elements of this project are:

  • Catchment in the Cogotas Reservoir in a floating intake with an impeller of 4014 m in length and a diameter of 250 mm, made of cast iron.
  • E.T.A.P. of two purification lines for a flow rate of 90 m3/h x line ⇒ 2 regulation tanks of 2,000 m3.
  • Distribution network made up of a gravity network with cast iron, PVC-O and PE pipes of various diameters, from 75 to 250 mm, and two impellers, to reach the towns of Bularros and Tolbaños.