W.P.P. in Livada (Rumanía)

W.P.P. in Livada (Rumanía)

Construction of the Water Purification Plant in Livada (Rumanía)

Description of the Work:

Construction project for the construction of a Water Purification Plant in the town of Livada (Romania). The maximum treatment flow is 60 m3/hour, obtaining a purification water treatment capacity of 1,440 m3/day.

Customer: ESPINA. Obras hidráulicas SA

Allocation Date: June 2014

Construction Budget: 4.712.030,40 €

The scheme is divided into the following actions:

  • Ventilation tank
  • Sand filter
  • Chlorinated water tank
  • Pumping to the water pipeline
  • Three surveys that provide the flow to the plant