W.W.T.P. at the Industrial Park of Solosancho (Ávila)

W.W.T.P. at the Industrial Park of Solosancho (Ávila)

Construction project for the wastewater treatment works in the industrial park of Solosancho (Ávila)

Description of the Works:

Detailed design for the construction of the wastewater treatment works at the Solosancho industrial park (Ávila), in order to provide technical support for the execution of the project and to obtain the appropriate licenses and authorizations.

The sizing will be carried out for a population of 350 equivalent inhabitants and an estimated total volume of water flow of 65.66 m3/day.

For the treatment of the rainwater flow (in a separate network), a de-sanding will be carried out before it is returned to the natural watercourse.

Customer: Ayuntamiento de Solosancho

Allocation Date: 2012

Base Tender Budget: 102.802,77 €

The wastewater treatment system consists of the following elements:

  • Arrival chamber, with spillway and general by-pass of the installation.
  • Screw screen roughing system.
  • Biological treatment of low-load activated sludge: prolonged aeration with biological nitrogen removal (nitrification – denitrification and phosphorus removal).
  • Clarification.
  • Sludge recirculation system.