Elaboration of the “Vulnerability Reduction Management Plan”

Elaboration of the “Vulnerability Reduction Management Plan”

Work for drafting the Management Plan in the processing and elaboration of Vulnerability Reduction Measures

Client: Confederación Hidrográfica del Duero

Allocation Date: 2014


Description of the Works:

The following work will be performed:

  • Identification of the management objectives and measures in each area of significant potential flood risk that has already been declared. Focusing on prevention, protection and preparedness, including flood forecasting and early warning systems, and taking into account the characteristics of the river basin or hydrographic sub-basin of the river.
  • Hydrologic-hydraulic modeling assistance for validation of management measures. Hydraulic simulations will be carried out with one or bidimensional models, as required, to check the suitability of some of the suggested management measures.