Execution of the Hydrological Plan for the Duero River Basin (LIFE-IP RBMP-Duero)

Execution of the Hydrological Plan for the Duero River Basin (LIFE-IP RBMP-Duero)

Implementation of the Hydrological Plan of the Duero River Basin in the Central-Southern Part of the Duero River Basin (LIFE-IP RBMP-Duero)

Description of the Works:

Preparation of technical and administrative documentation in English language for the project “LIFE-IP RBMP-DUERO, IMPLEMENTION OF THE RIVER DUERO BASIN MANAGEMENT PLAN IN THE CENTRAL-SOUTH PART OF THE RIVER DUERO BASIN", for the LIFE Integrated Projects 2014 call.

The 2014 call of the LIFE program included a new project modality called INTEGRATED PROJECTS (integrated projects) aimed primarily at administrations for the complete development of plans, strategies and programs. The novelty of these projects lies in the integrative approach pursued by the EU, so that in the development of a specific program, synergies are sought for the parallel implementation of the requirements of other related sectoral policies.

Customer: Confederación Hidrográfica del Duero

Allocation Date: 2014

Total Budget: 37.571.202,26 € (VAT excluded)

According to this idea, the partnership consortium must be formed by all those administrations that may have competence in the matter, without leaving aside all the social agents in order to promote a participative process. In addition, to ensure the integration of these projects, it is an obligation to mobilize other funds for the joint achievement of the objectives set.

For this reason, the Duero Hydrographic Confederation decided to present a proposal for an Integrated Project to fully develop the Basin Hidrologic Plan in the Adaja, Zapardiel and Trabancos river basins as a pilot experience, this project being an instrument to implement innovative, sustainable, participatory solutions, etc. exportable to the rest of the basin as advocated by the EU. The beneficiary partners of the project were the Junta de Castilla y León, the Fundación Patrimonio Natural, SOMACYL and the Diputación de Ávila, all of them coordinated by the Confederación Hidrográfica del Duero.