Installation of collectors in “Barranco de las Cinco Villas” (Ávila)

Installation of collectors in “Barranco de las Cinco Villas” (Ávila)

Construction project of collectors, to connect the sewage networks with a view to the creation of a W.W.T.P. in the future

Description of the Works:

The association of municipalities ‘Barranco de las Cinco Villas’ is located in the region of Valle del Tiétar, in the south of the province of Ávila. It is made up of the municipalities of Cuevas del Valle, Mombeltrán, San Esteban del Valle, Santa Cruz del Valle and Villarejo del Valle.

The elaboration of this project is carried out to provide a solution to the problem of urban wastewater pollution in the affected municipalities, which do not have infrastructures for its purification.

The solution adopted is the construction of collectors to connect the wastewater networks of the municipalities with the outfall planned for the future W.W.T.P. to be built in the municipality of Mombeltrán. The collectors are designed to favor gravity drainage.

Customer: Junta de Castilla y León

Allocation Date: 2008

Construction Budget: 1.808.787,27 €

Junta de Castilla y León

The dimensioning of the collectors is made with Ø 315mm PVC pipe, installed in a trapezoidal or rectangular trench (depending on the depth of excavation) and laid on a 20cm sand bed and also covered 30cm above its generatrix, the rest being filled with material from loans at 95% normal pre-proctor. For the correct functioning of the network, the construction of wells is planned to allow the necessary changes in alignment or gradient, as well as inspection and surveillance work.

To drain the excess flow generated by rainwater, spillways have been designed with a dilution coefficient of 1/10, sufficient for direct discharge into the watercourses.