Waste dump sealing at Basardilla (Segovia)

Waste dump sealing at Basardilla (Segovia)

Sealing of the Basardilla Urban Waste Dump (Segovia)

Description of the Works:

INDEPRO performs the functions of Technical Assistance to the Construction Management, verifying the correct execution of the work, complying with the conditions defined in the project as well as in the specifications.

Customer: Junta de Castilla y León

Allocation Date: March 2016

Tender Base Construction Budget: 267.718,05 €

The general procedure to carry out the works is made up of a series of phases, works or actions that are described below:

  • Pest control works.
  • Sealing of urban waste.
  • Leachate collection.
  • Evacuation of biogas.
  • Evacuation of rainwater.
  • Landscape recovery of the area.